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» Master key system

When you are faced with a situation where more than one person will need access to a property, the easiest, fastest and simplest solution is to install a master key system so that only one key can be used in order to access multiple locks. The master key systems of today can be quite complex and are not nearly as simple as regular skeleton keys of the past.

A traditional key system involves multiple locks that are keyed both individually and separately. In the case of master key systems, a master key is usually kept by only on individual since he or she is capable of unlocking multiple door locks. You can even add additional locks to your home or business without having to have more keys on your key ring. It is a benefit and great investment.


In addition, maintenance workers are one example of how a master key system is so effective. Master key systems are designed so that although there will be a master key that will work on each and every door, the lock can still have its own individual key so that the person can only open the one lock without having entire access. As you can see, master key systems can get pretty tricky, and there is lots of room for error. Trust our professional master key system locksmiths to get it done right the first time. Give Locksmith 4 Less a call today.



  • You have different keys for all of the locks in your home or business and want only one set of Master Keys .
  • Allow one person to access many different locks
  • Eliminate the necessity for multiple keys on your key ring
  • You recently moved or bought a new home
  • Your purchased a new business .
  • Your child has lost their keys

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