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Lock bumping and lock picking are two very different things. The two are not interchangeable. However lock bumping is as much of a problem as lock picking.

It's a way for thieves and burglaries to access your home and businesses. The difference between lock picking and lock bumping is the tool used. In order to bump a lock all you need is what?s called a bump key. A lock bump key looks just like any other door key. It would not draw suspicion like perhaps lock picking tools. Quite honestly, the lock bumping technique is an easier way of gaining access to your home or office without drawing suspicion.

Many locks out there are not immune from lock bumping. Anyone could just go on the internet and learn the technique of lock bumping. Also bump keys can be purchased quite simply over the internet. That leaves homeowners and business owners in an exposed position. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from lock bumping. You can use install a deadbolt lock together with your traditional lock. Deadbolts are not as easy to bump. You can also purchase anti bump locks also known as high security locks. Many brands carry these types of locks and they are bump proof resistant. They are slightly more expensive but certainly worth every penny.

Locksmiths generally carry locks that are immune to lock bumping and can easily install them at your home or business. By installing deadbolts in addition to your regular lock or installing high security locks, you can decrease the chance of becoming a victim of lock bumping. Therefore, call your local locksmith company to send someone out to make sure you are never the victim of lock bumping.

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