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Many people wonder about the difference between regular locks and high security locks. Traditional locks are not as safe as high security locks.

Traditional locks are not bump proof and pick resistant. To avoid the concern of having your locks bumped or picked high security locks should be considered. High security locks are pick resistant, have bump proof technology and most significantly the keys cannot be duplicate by just anyone.

There are many brand names that carry high security locks. One common brand is Medeco. Medeco is the lock brand company that set the custom for the development of key control and high security locks. However Medeco is not the only company who makes high security locks.

Mul-T-Lock, another popular lock brand company also offers these high security bump proof and pick resistant locks. Mul-T-Lock also has a patent key control mechanism which protects from unauthorized users duplicating your keys. Traditional locks come with keys that can be duplicated at any location that copies keys.

Maintaining high security locks on your home or business ensures a higher level of security. You will definitely feel much safer by having high security locks on your doors. Most burglars and thieves would not waste their time or effort drilling high security locks if they can just bump or pick traditional locks.

It takes expertise when it comes to installing high security locks. Therefore, you should consult with your local locksmith service if you are in the market of replacing your traditional locks with high security locks. A skilled locksmith technician should be able to show you different types of high security locks and present their pros and cons. Thereby you will make the right decision specifically designed for your security situation. Keep your home or business as secure as possible; it could prevent a potential robbery situation.

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