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»Medeco High Security Padlocks

Medeco High Security Padlock System
Now available, Medecos new high security padlocks. These commercial-grade padlocks will allow you to protect your goods with the flexibility you are used to from padlocks and the reliability you have come to expect from top security lock company Medeco.
Using the same key system as our king pin lock, the Universal Boot-8 , these padlocks are not to be compared with your average hardware-store type lock. They can be keyed alike, different, or under a master key system.


Boron alloy shackle for top-level cutting/sawing resistance.Protective body cover and dust cover prevent dirt, sand from contaminating container
Pick resistant
Double locking action makes Medeco locks virtually pick-proof Drill resistant-system series padlock cylinders have strategically placed inserts to provide the utmost resistance to drilling Available with extra long or protected shackles Medoco Models available:
Regular size, regular shackle, long shackle (2 3/8 inches clearance), or shrouded shackle
Large size, regular shackle, long shackle (1 7/8 inches clearance), or shrouded shackle .
We Provide this lock in 2 different colors : polished brass and satin chrome.
If you need more than one padlock or keyed alike padlocks,then Our experienced locksmith will supply and rekey them for you professionally.


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