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»Everest Primus Pigh Security Deadbolt Lock

Everest Primus provides exceptional security by enabling you to control access to your facility. Schlage uses multiple patents on our high security keys to provide you with a legally backed guarantee of geographic exclusivity on your keys, which means that keys cannot be made for your facility without your authorization. The patented Everest Primus dual-locking mechanism provides superior pick resistance whether you choose to use High Security UL437 drill resistant cylinders, Controlled Access cylinders or a mixture of both.


Fine homes, multi-family housing, retail stores, office and commercial space, schools, universities, hospitals, industrial sites, and wherever key control and physical security are important concerns.
You can choose either the single side deadbolt which is operated by key outside,thumbturn inside,or a double cylinder deadbolt which is operated by key on both sides.
Our experienced locksmith will supply and install it for you professionally.


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