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ELEC.HARDWARE BY SCHLAGE Battery-Powered Electronic Cylindrical Lockset Cobra by Schlage is an architecturally designed programmable locking system.This attractive,battery powered electronic cylin- drical lockset is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications where aesthetics are important &program flexibility at the lock is •Compact cast escutcheon with integrated keypad.Fewer components provide simple and quick installation. •Program up to 100 users at keypad.Simple quick programming to add and delete codes. •2-3 year battery life (over 80,000 cycles).Uses 4 AA standard alkaline batteries. • Vandlgard ™ clutching lever,,minimizes damage from vandalism. • LEDs with red//green indicators. • Concealed emergency override,(Requires 7 pin small format interchangeable core for override).Cylinder plug provided standard.Clutch engages lever when cylinder is removed via control key. •Adjustable door thickness:1-1/2 ” to 2 ”. • 2--3/4 ” backset with 1//2 ” latchbolt.. •High security spanner screws on inside escutcheon,no exposed screws on exterior.


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