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»Baldwin Tahoe Deadbolt Lock

CL5000 is a heavy duty electronic Codelock with full size lever handles for use in high traffic . The lock can store up to 90 different user codes. Codes may be 4,5 or six digits long. Programming is via the keypad, using the master Code. The lock has .tted as standard two alarm release terminals. REM1 is used to open the lock from a reception desk button or answerphone. REM2 can be linked to an alarm system which, when activated, will release the door for 30 minutes. This allows emergency personnel to enter the room to rapidly check that no one has been trapped or overlooked. Stylish,contemporary design incorporates all the features of the CL2000 and CL4000 in a larger,more robust assembly. Unlike the other locks in the range the CL5000 has a conventional 3x4 button keypad with which most users will be instantly familiar.Electronic functionality provides major bene .ts over mechanical locks, such as programming at the keypad, multiple codes, one-time user codes,remote release,automatic re-alarm release, and incorrect code alarm. The non volatile memory retains settings when batteries are changed. Programme commands include: Set new User Code Suspend and restore individual User Codes, Suspend,restore and delete all User Codes Set One-time User Code, Set and cancel Code Free Mode, Change Master Code


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