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Ever needing a 24 hour locksmith service is not something that most people think about everyday. Most people do think about the location of their home or car keys. They also wonder whether or not their house or business doors are locked. However at some point in your life, the day will come when you will be in need of the services of a 24 hour locksmith. The same types of services that are offered during the day are also the exact same services that are offered at night...


Car locksmiths have a variety of useful purposes. They can rekey your car door locks, fix a faulty ignition switch, extract your key from the ignition, unlock your car or trunk as well as many other services...


If you recently purchased a new home or rented a new apartment, I'm sure it has crossed your mind that you would need to replace the locks. If you're a business owner and provide keys to your employees to access the business you occasionally come across a situation where an employee quits or you have to fire an employee. Maybe the employee gave you the key back but you can never be sure that they didn't keep a copy for themselves. You assume the only option at that point is to change the locks. There is however another alternative to replacing your home or business locks, it's called lock rekey....


Many people wonder about the difference between regular locks and high security locks. Traditional locks are not as safe as high security locks. Traditional locks are not bump proof and pick resistant. To avoid the concern of having your locks bumped or picked high security locks should be considered.High security locks are pick resistant, have bump proof technology and most significantly the keys cannot be duplicate by just anyone....


Lock bumping and lock picking are two very different things. The two are not interchangeable. However lock bumping is as much of a problem as lock picking. It's a way for thieves and burglaries to access your home and businesses. The difference between lock picking and lock bumping is the tool used. In order to bump a lock all you need is what's called a bump key. A lock bump key looks just like any other door key. It would not draw suspicion like perhaps lock picking tools. Quite honestly, the lock bumping technique is an easier way of gaining access to your home or office without drawing suspicion....

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